View Full Version : How to cut a burl cap for blocks - Quick & Easy way

Burl Source
08-13-2011, 02:15 PM
This is just a quick and easy to cut a burl cap into blocks.
The wood I am using is a maple burl cap.
To cut it I am using a 14 inch wood cutting bandsaw equipped with a fence.

This is the burl cap.

1st thing I did was cut a straight edge along one side following the grain in the wood.

This gives me a straight edge to go against the fence on my bandsaw. After that I cut the rest of the burl cap into strips.

Burl Source
08-13-2011, 02:26 PM
For the next step I laid the slices on their sides and marked them to cut a straight edge.

Then I trimmed the straight edge.

This straight edge goes against the bandsaw fence and I cut strips the thickness I wanted for my blocks.

Now each of the slices have been cut into strips.

Finally I mark the strips where I want to make my cuts for blocks.

Then I cut the blocks.

I cut everything bigger than I need so I can do further trimming to remove any more flawed areas and show the best figure.

I would rather waste a lot of wood and get 6 really good blocks, than to cut just for quantity and get 12 mediocre blocks.

These blocks are not for sale. This was cut up only to show you guys an easy way to do the cutting if you come across a burl cap.

Mike Davis
08-13-2011, 10:39 PM
Awesome info Mark! Instead of "These blocks are not for sale. This was cut up only to show you guys an easy way to do the cutting if you come across a burl cap." it should read " then i box these up for shipping to Mike!!!

Thanks again for the great info! You do a great service for the entire knife making community, and as always it is greatly appreciated!!!!


06-22-2012, 11:44 PM
Mark I realize this is and old thread, but I just wanted to say thanks for this info! I was curious how burls were cut to make the fantastic blocks you sell us on your website! :goodpost: