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Dave Martell
08-28-2011, 11:03 PM
At Martell Knives (http://www.japaneseknifesharpeningstore.com/Dave-Martell-Knives-s/126.htm) our goal is simple.....

To be a leader in the High Performance kitchen knife market.

For seven years Dave Martell (that's me) has been sharpening knives at the highest level (see JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com (http://www.japaneseknifesharpening.com/index.html)), providing repairs & modifications to Japanese knives, and studying literally thousands of knives that passed through my hands in close detail. The knowledge & experience gained from all of this hard work is now being used to build my own line of kitchen knives.

One thing that you can count on with Martell Knives (http://www.japaneseknifesharpeningstore.com/Dave-Martell-Knives-s/126.htm) is that you'll receive "The Sharpest Out-Of-The-Box Edge" - guaranteed! :thumbsup:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v438/dmart/Martellmarking.jpg (http://www.japaneseknifesharpeningstore.com/category-s/121.htm)