View Full Version : Sharpening double bevel deba/cleaver

10-19-2011, 07:41 PM

I have the MAC ultimate cleaver, i love the feel of the knife but its not the sharpest puppy out of the box.

Im now setting forth into the world of sharpening on stones so this will be a good start, I am going to try some beaters first though.

My question concerns the bevel angles, I understand that i should use a compound bevel but with the blade being a lot thicker im thinking that starting at 15 degrees would thin the blade excessively, the blade is pretty thick at a spine thickness of 4-5 mm. If im understanding correctly a gyuto say would be done at a 15/20 compound bevel. What would i do for this knife with it being a much thicker blade ?



Eamon Burke
10-19-2011, 08:09 PM
There is no need to begin with a compound bevel. Just a good plain bevel is the best choice until you get it down pat, and even then, only if you are having edge retention/failure issues.

Don't worry about the exact angle unless you are using an Edge Pro or something. You are not a computer and won't hit the exact angle anyways. Just make sure you are hitting the edge and abrading down the shoulder, and you are good.