View Full Version : Dry Spot on Board?

09-16-2017, 11:49 PM
So I recently moved in a house and have the cutting board situated below a window. That means that natural sunlight is hitting my board on a daily basis. It isn't anything insane, but in my previous apartment it wasn't anywhere near daily sunlight hitting it.

I bring that up because I'm finding that a section of the board looks like it is drying out. This may have happened at my previous apartment and I never noticed because I never had it in direct sunlight to be able to see, but I have been oiling the crap out of this board. Like, a ton. However, after cutting a lot of vegetables and things over the course of a couple days and wiping the board down after each time with a paper towel (and sometimes a soapy sponge if there was raw meat) a dry spot seems to show up. As you can see it is whiter in appearance and just kind strange. It only occurs in the middle of the board and only in basically the section shown in the photo.


The white is not the flash of the camera.

If does not feel dry, just looks like it. Is the direct sunlight doing something here or am I just overreacting? I'm planning on ignoring it for a month or so and seeing if it changes or anything. I've gone through so much oil for it to only keep appearing I cannot believe it is dried out already.

Thank you so much for any insights or opinions to this!