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11-07-2011, 02:41 AM
Earlier I mentioned that my new Kochi 210 gyuto was as thin behind the edge as my carter 180 nakiri. I got ahold of my daughters camera and took some pics to show you all just incase you where interested. Kochi being a name I'm not familier with and addmitidly a bit nervous about buying for the first time I was pleased that what I had read before buying was infact to my liking. I wanted to add some more comparisons to help others see more about this maker.


Kochi top, Carter bottom

Kochi left, Carter right

Over all I feel the blade is equil between the two so far. My Carter Nakiri came with an Ebony handle with horn Furrle and I love that personal touch that Carter did for me back in the day. Fit and finish of the handle to the knife goes to the Carter though as can be seen in the lower pic the gap is good sized in the Kochi, however the blade feels quite secure so far. I'll be filling that with beeswax soon.


When cutting is where I feel these two knives are very close, granted they are different styles and to a degree that is noticeable but how it feels in the hand and in the cut they are very simmular. I have not started sharpening the Kochi just yet as I'm trying to get a feel for it's edge retention out of the box. While I have noticed a slight drop in the past couple weeks it has kept up rather well. And I suspect that sharpening with be rathr exciting as is usual for knives of this composition and style.

I'm not trying to say that ether knife is better than the other. Just making observations of what I have on hand and how they make my knife use feel at these times :)

11-07-2011, 02:47 AM
Thanks for sharing. Looks like you aren't using the Kochi as much as you should be, lol. I expected that patina to be pretty dark by now! ;)

11-07-2011, 02:56 AM
LOL I'm seeing more build up but I have not seem as much development as I was expecting, I use it daily but maybe I clean it off faster than I should for better growth :p lol Plus I have been rather shy on materials to cut up mostly potato and bacon lately. With the "Cookbook Challenge" undrway I have a long list of goodies to add to this knives diet soon :)