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12-03-2011, 07:06 PM
Hi All,

Both new versions went online today, which was much harder then I thought. Database schema has been changed so, Android users have to upgrade to 3.0 in order to be able to synchronize with online database. Sorry, there was no way around it.

All the javascript, and css files were changed, plus lots of new php code. You do need to clear browser cache or force file refresh properly(SHIFT + click on the refresh button) to get the new functionality working correctly.

Browser support - Tested and works on IE 8 and above(standard mode), Chrome (Latest), Firefox 8 and above, Safari 5.0 and above. I know opera is not working properly, but no time to deal with one more browser, sorry.

What's new in Knife Steel composition chart (http://www.zknives.com/knives/steels/steelchart.php):

1) Added aliases support. I.e. aliases are no longer displayed in proprietary alloy name group, but now have their own section. Hopefully this will help to avoid misunderstandings like when S30V and CPM S30V were considered two different alloys.

2) Added Poland national steel standard PN data and support.

3) Revisited most of the alloy groups and namings, merged few of them, plus about 300 new names. Total name records is over 3500 for now. Bunch of new alloy compositions too.

4) Quick navigation menus for Standards, Makers, Countries and technologies. Mouse over the menu and it will display list of corresponding items and you can view steels for a given standard, or specific maker or country or technology. Same result as directory listings implemented earlier, but easier to use.

5) Javascript scrollbar, which made things easier for me and I hope makes things easier for you too.

6) Help file was revised and moved out as a separate link.

New in Android steel chart:
Aliases, new alloys, PN standard, bugfixes. I wasn't really planning on this release, but had to to keep synchronization working.

How to find the app on the market(if you don't have it):
1) Search for "knife steel chart"
2) search "pub:zviSoft"
3) If you have barcode reader in your phone then use this QR code:

It took about 4 months to get all this in shape, but considering that I was developing and testing all that myself, I might've missed things. Please let me know if you have issues with either one.

iPhone version of the steel chart is in progress, about 20% completed so far. It was on halt due to web version changes.

As usual, my sincere thanks goes to everyone who helped with the project, by providing data, critics, finding mistakes, suggesting ideas, etc.

12-05-2011, 06:27 PM
Since I can't edit... To avoid confusion, "Android users need to upgrade to 3.0" refers to application version, not android OS upgrade :)
In other words, to keep synchronization working, download the latest android steel chart, which is 3.0...