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Eamon Burke
12-23-2011, 02:14 AM
These are the knives I grew to love cooking with. From the age I only loved to mince garlic to oblivion, to the deer/pigs/lamb/chickens I butchered with my mom, to the time I'd carve 3/4lb of leftover roast beef paper thin for a sandwich, to this very day, these knives and things hold a special place in my heart.

First up, the Sabatiers! These were purchased by my parents in the 1970s, at some French specialty store wherever they were living. The patina on them is black. Flat black, with egg-shell specks, and small lines where the magnetic rack hits them on some. They are fine examples of knives with a real-use, age patina, and are about as reactive as 302 stainless.

The balance on the big chef's:


Profile shots:

The carving fork(a nice addition):

The honing rods:

Intedge rod, which isn't made anymore:

This one always worked better...turns out, it's a Dexter:

Here's a fun one--we used this to "brain" the chickens. You grab the bird, set this thing in their beak, and quickly shove it into the back of their neck and twist. If you do it right, every muscle in the bird relaxes, you just bleed it and it's a lot easier to pluck.

Here's a paragon of a butter knife. We had a full set of these, they just match the other tableware we had, but these stand out. I've never used a butter knife that compares to the regular knives I grew up with. They have fantastic heft, feel good in the hand, and are just the right width. Made in Korea, with hollow handles.

This is the big daddy! The Boos Butcher Block. Collecting dust and clutter right now.

End-grain, baby!

You can see more of my favorite childhood things, which aren't nearly as interesting to us knife-nuts, in my incredibly self-indulgent, pic-heavy post here (http://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/showthread.php/4291-My-Childhood-kitchen-favorites(pic-heavy)).

12-23-2011, 04:52 AM
I love the patina your knives have developed :ubersexy:

Cadillac J
12-23-2011, 10:25 AM
Anything with history like that is amazing to me, and that much cooler that it is knife related.

Very cool stuff there to look back on. I've never really gave them a serious look before, but those Sabs chefs have awesome profiles.

Eamon Burke
12-23-2011, 11:23 AM
I love the patina your knives have developed :ubersexy:

You were one of the main reasons I wanted to share these. It's one of the best patinas I've ever seen.

Very cool stuff there to look back on. I've never really gave them a serious look before, but those Sabs chefs have awesome profiles.

Yeah, they do! I used to love them, then I turned my nose up at them, then I grew back to them. I wish I had more time on my visit to refurb them fully. I know they've got history in the blades, but I'd like to replace those plastic handles with something better.

12-23-2011, 11:26 AM
I've always like those French profiles. Cool stuff

12-23-2011, 11:54 AM
Damn, Eamon! I'm in Sab voyeur heaven! Those are beauties!!! Nice block too, if I do say so myself.