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http://www.limepic.com/img/300.jpgIt all began with a failed experiment.

It was in 1890. In a small Pennsylvania town, the inventor Edward Goodrich Acheson carried out a series of experiments. He tried to heat carbon so intensely that it would result in diamond.

It didn't work.

So Acheson began mixing clay with carbon and electrically fusing it. The result was a product with shiny specks that were hard enough to scratch glass.

This was silicon carbide. Also known as carborundum.

The next year Acheson formed his company in Monongehela, PA and named it Carborundum, and moved the organization to Niagara Falls, NY in 1895.

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It all began with a failed experiment...Cool. It's amazing how many significant discoveries are made serendipitously.

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Top: cast iron stone holder.

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Illegitimi non carborundum.
Great to see this history great post!

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SiC is an amazing material with some serious industrial uses.

"Carborundum" is actually the initial trade name that SiC was originally patented (think Kleenex vs tissue). The Carborundum company now resides with Saint Gobain. They still make abrasives but other parts of the company make specialized parts for heat exchangers, furnaces, etc.

So has anyone actaully sharpened with it?

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Interesting on the SIC. Never knew that. Makes great fishing rod guides.

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I believe my father had used a 4 sided 'stone' which looked identical to the one in the original post with the green handle--though his was significantly dished--is that only antique or are they still available today?

Thanks, put a smile on my face seeing that picture,

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Steeley, I love you.

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:ohmy: well my girlfriend is not going to like this.

Eamon Burke
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Does your girlfriend understand your rare/vintage knife related findings like I do??

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SHH I will call you later.:rofl2::rofl2:

man that was funny.

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On with the show ..... Honey


$4000-$5000 AT AUCTION top pic.



Display box only $500

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So has anyone actaully sharpened with it?

I actually have. It's VERY VERY common to find a small combination SiC stone going for about 2-8 SGD in hardware stores in Singapore. It was what I used before switching to japanese waterstones. IMHO, it does not cut as fast and the feedback is not there. Also dishes fairly quickly.

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I grew up with one. My Dad would use it every time he'd get the knife out. Looks like that 7" combo one on the red sign.


Dave Martell
03-29-2012, 10:40 AM
Check out those displays - awesome! I've got a few vintage carborundum collectibles set aside somewhere. I've got a stone holder and at least one mint handheld triangle type scythe sharpener thing.

Eamon Burke
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That's some fantastic ad pieces right there. Feel like I'm on American Pickers!