View Full Version : Uraoshi on Misono Sujihiki

03-28-2012, 02:59 PM
Hi All,

I just signed up for the forum and have some questions about sharpening. I'm not really a kitchen guy, but have been tasked with sharpening my wife's knives, so please forgive my ignorance :-). She has a mix of western and Japanese knives and I am unsure of how to proceed with the Japanese knives. I'm working on her Misono. I think it is a Sujihiki it is based on a web search - it is 10.5" long and pretty narrow. I found some videos and descriptions of Uraoshi, but this knife actually seems to have a bit of a concave back. I took a few swipes on an 8000 stone and only the middle is getting polished - the spine and cutting edge are untouched. It looks like a single bevel, but I don't want to keep grinding away and flatten the entire back before getting some knowledgable opinions. Is this knife meant to have a flat back? Or should I just put a small back bevel on it?