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05-19-2012, 07:41 PM
I have been sharpening knives here steadily for the last couple of mo's. I took in the work knife that I did to see how well I could get a edge on it. My boss said he has some knives that need sharpening (Forschner). For a joke he threw in this 15lbs cleaver (my guess on the weight). I laughed at it and said I would do some work on it. After looking at it I saw a mark that said Japan really small. I hadn't looked at the makers mark at this time, I was thinking it was something that would be american made or even a Forschner. I went looking for the company and really couldn't find much. Anyone have a history lesson on this company?


I was thinking of just doing a handle soak in mineral oil for a day or two, then do a light board wax on the handle. The blade I was thinking of doing a soak in the same with a light sanding to take off any other rust still left. Wasn't sure if I should use the board wax on the blade, I haven't found any problems with it in my thinking so far. Any suggestions would be very help full.

sachem allison
05-20-2012, 12:01 AM
Kai is the parent company of Kershaw, I believe. They make Shun and a bunch of other brands.

About KAI Group
KAI, the history of cutlery.

KAI is a company that currently manufactures, sells, exports and imports more than 10,000 different kinds of cutlery and cutting tools, ranging from kitchen utensils to cosmetic accessories and surgical implements.
KAI started in 1908 as a small pocket-knife factory in the city of Seki, which is known in Japan as the City of Good Swordsmen.
Even though the company has become large, one principle, nokaji (blacksmith)'s spirit, has been consistently upheld by KAI. "The nokaji strives to make blades that are suited to the daily lives of people by bringing to bear on the task all his craftsmanship and all his heart."
KAI is to find an answer to the question: "how can we bring the spirit of the nokaji into the 21st century?"

head office

kai corporation

Head Office Address

3-9-5 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8586, Japan



President & CEO

Koji Endo

Business Description

Marketing of cutlery, kitchen utensils, beauty care products, confectionery utensils, etc.

Registered Capital

450 million yen

Number of Employees

2,615(March 2010, consolidated basis)


41.3 billion yen (March 2008, consolidated basis)

Saijiro Endo set up business in the city of Seki

Established Joint-Stock Company Endo Hamono Seisakujo to produce pocketknives

Established Seki Anzen Kamisori Seizo Joint-Stock Company and began production of the first replaceable blade razor in Japan.

Dissolved Seki Safety Razor Seizo Joint-Stock Company to establish Nihon Safety Razor Co., Ltd.

Changed corporate name from Nihon Safety Razor Co., Ltd. to Nihon Anzen Kamisori Co., Ltd.

Saijiro Endo II established Feather Shokai Co. Ltd. in Nagoya and started wholesaling razors and cutlery.

Established Joint-Stock Company Sanwa Shokai in Tokyo.

Established Sanwa Blade Manufacturing, Ltd. and started production of Kai-branded lightweight, convenient long-bladed razors

Merged Feather Shokai and Sanwa Shokai to establish Sanwa Co. Ltd.

Set up a trade division inside the company to export cutlery

Changed corporate name from Sanwa Co. Ltd. to Sanwa Hamono Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Built the Oyana Factory

Established Endo Hamono Seisakujyo and started production of kitchen knives.

Started production of scissors at Sanwa Hamono Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Established kai cutlery U.S.A. ltd. in Portland, Oregon

Established kai cutlery (H.K.) ltd.

Established kai cutlery (Europe) GmbH in Solingen, Germany.

Changed corporate name from Sanwa Hamono Kogyo Co. Ltd. to Kaijirushi Hamono Co. Ltd.

Started production of scalpels.

Introduced a new identity to relaunch the new Kaijirushi Group

Launched K-II, a blade-replaceable dispo-razor

Consolidated 6 manufacturing companies and changed the corporate name to Kai Industries Co., Ltd.

Established Mi Kai Housewares Co., Ltd. (joint venture) in Guangdong, China and started operations

Established G.T.I. Cutlery Co. Ltd. (joint venture) in Guangdong, China and started operations

Started locally-based production of Kai USA pocketknives

Shanghai Kai Cutlery Co., Ltd, the Asian production hub for razors and beauty products, goes into full-scale operation.

Launched K-3, the world’s first replaceable 3-blade razor

Launched Lady K-3, the world’s first replaceable 3-blade razor for women

Aligned all development divisions into the Kai Cutlery Development Center Co., Ltd. to leverage operations.

Renewed the overall corporate message, corporate mission, code of conduct and corporate philosophy of the Kaijirushi Group

Launched K-4 TETRA, a replaceable 4-blade razor

Remodeled the first and second floors of theTokyo Head office and opened “Kai House”

Launched Michel Bras kitchen knife line-up (co-development with Michelin’s 3-star chef) in Europe and the United States.

Established KAI vietnam co.,ltd. in Hanoi City, Vietnam

Acquired all stocks for Universal Razor Industries (razor / beauty care product joint venture company in the US) and made it a subsidiary

Established Kaijirushi Korea Co. Ltd. in Korea.

100th anniversary

Established KAI R&D (Guangzhou) co.,ltd. in Guangdong, China

Established Lampas Inc.

sachem allison
05-20-2012, 12:02 AM
long winded, but here you go.

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lol ty. Cool to know, it was beating me up.