View Full Version : Complimentary Service for all Traditional Japanese Knives!

05-22-2012, 01:57 PM

Very exciting news!

Using a Traditional Japanese knife can be very difficult. They are much more likely to chip and more difficult to sharpen than Western style knives. Many of our customers who were interested in traditional Japanese knives were always caution. They always tell us that they want something for beginners so they won't be too afraid to ruin it. We completely understand. So to assure our customers, and give them peace at mind, Korin will be offering a complimentary knife sharpening or repair on all Traditional Japanese knives purchased at Korin!

A complimentary knife chip repair service on Traditional Japanese Knives purchased within 45 days.
A complimentary knife chip repair or sharpening service on any Traditional Japanese Knives over $1000 within the first year of purchase.

Please be advised that knife sharpening and knife repair are two different services. The tools required to repair a blade differs from knife sharpening.

For further information, please click here. (http://korin.com/Services/complimentary_services)