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Grindstone city on lake Huron Michigan.

In the year 1834, Capt. Aaron G. Peer, with his Schooner, the Rip Van Winkle, was forced to take haven in this natural harbor, during a storm. Capt. Peer is known as the "father" of Grindstone City, and located the first land in what is now Huron County. The sloop took anchorage here in a storm, and that Capt. Peer, his crew and his father came ashore to what was then a wilderness of pine, cedar, ash, beech, and maple, the cedar being so thick that snow remained in places although it was midsummer. In their exploring they found some big flat stone along the beach and on further examination, found evidence that these strata of rock was underlying the area to a lesser or greater extent. Samples were taken to Detroit where they were found superior to the Ohio flagstone.


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On one trip, the sailors rigged up in a crude fashion a stone slab and used it to sharpen their tools. That year (1838) Capt. Peer, getting the idea from the sailors began shaping the grindstones at the place later known as Grindstone City.

They had a mill to make whet stones and scythe stones. The stones made here varied in size and weight from small kitchen stones weighing from 2 to 10 lbs. and from 6 to 10 inches in diameter; to the huge grinding stones that weighed over two tons. The largest stone ever turned weighed over 6600 lbs. The memorial stone on the corner of Copeland and Rouse Road, in Grindstone City, is said to weigh 4750 lbs.



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Grindstone" is a special rock formation from the Marshall Sandstone. It is a grit stone finer than sandstone and used exclusively as a sharpening stone, which produces a finer edge than carborundum which has replaced it. There were two grades of this stone, one called light because it was nearer the top of the ground and softer. The second grade was called heavy stone and was found several feet under the ground. Besides being heavier it was finer, thought to be due to the pressure from the upper layers.



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Finch Foundry

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Noted for future travels.

You really need a subforum, man. I keep digging to find your old posts, its a pain.

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And since you came this far here is a real beauty .



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I hope you are compiling all this cool info, I mean everything you post for a badass book. I'd buy it!

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I try to keep all the kitchen knife stuff and images in a couple of folders like Sabatier, france knifes, Sheffield ,American made and stones and mines or quarry's
and the history and marking's on blades and chef stuff ,vintage items .

then i look through the museum's collections and digital archives . like this stuff.

1790 tortoise shell and reptile skin holder

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Whalers Mincing Knife .

mmmmmmmmmmmm that's good minced whale .

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Are those beached grindstones up for grabs, I may need to rent a truck and take a few days off work.

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T hat picture of grindstone on the lake was taken in the 60's so who knows what one would find
but i would not repeat not go out collecting with out a permit and asking a lot of local people and the law enforcement about what you intent is.

there we have that out of way.
I have seen people get permits to go for Novaculite for flint napping .

here is the fence around Dan's waterstone site .

South verging angular fold within thin-bedded middle Arkansas Novaculite.

but i think for the trouble i just buy from the man himself .
when he has stones like this and the equipment to cut and flatten .


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Eh, who's gonna notice? someone snap me off a piece, I'll give you a bbw for it

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Translucent Arkansas stone.

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OK Eamon you drive I'LL drive shotgun, literally .

dam stone thievery .

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Not that I approve of killing tortoises for their shells, but those tortoise shell handles are stunning.

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Kill the turtles for soup. Then make handles.
Grindstone city is pretty close to where I live. When I was a kid there was an old abandoned hunting camp that had a small one built into a wood holder with a foot pedal.


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My cottage is 5 minutes away from Grindstone City. I grew up eating fried Perch at the Grindstone Grill. Lake Huron is absolutely gorgeous.

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So you're going to snap me off a piece of grindstone?

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Fried perch , nice lake and grindstones and history sounds like a good time .

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So you're going to snap me off a piece of grindstone?

Haha, well... Honestly, I just moved to Philly, so I don't think I'll be around the tip of the thumb this year. So sad, it's such a beautiful place. Unlike Philly.