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Marko Tsourkan
06-04-2012, 10:36 PM
As I offer an option for customers to provide their own wood for handles, I decided to come up with a list of vendors whose wood I am comfortable using, and who offer good quality products at a good value.

I will continue revising and updating the list. This will be a locked thread for information purpose only.

A typical size of a block necessary for a Wa or Western handle would be 1.5"x1.5"x5.5". Smaller blocks may not allow enough material for squaring or shaping.

Web Vendors
Arizona Desert Ironwood Company
A great source for Ironwood, but they also have a number of stabilized and natural woods for sale as well as other handle material products.

The same company that does quality wood stabilizing service in the US. I have seen great quality burls offered on their web site very reasonably priced

Bad Dogs Burl Source (not to be confused with KF vendor Burl Source)
Great products at great prices. I spoke to the owner today and he gave me assurance that all his wood is stabilized by either K&G or WIIS, two companies who do quality stabilizing here in the US.

Burl Source (KF Vendor)
Great selection of woods and great quality, priced accordingly. Stabilized by K&G and ready to use. MT customers are offered 20% discounts.

House of Burls (recommended by Stefan Keller)
Kully at houseofburl.com has some great and often well seasoned woods, much more than on his website if you ask him, and he is very reliable.

Dream Burls
http://dreamburls.com (http://dreamburls.com/)
A KKF vendor offers a good variety of stabilized and natural woods.

If you don't mind following and bidding on an auction, you might score some of the nicest ironwood.

Great source for figured maple and maple burls. Wood would require several months drying and then stabilizing, so plan accordingly.

def-toned-t42 (recommended by Stefan Keller)
Arnold at def-tones-t42 sells mostly to instrument makers but he is very detailed and honest, and especially his maple is great. His guitar boards should also be perfect for saya makers.