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06-12-2012, 06:50 PM
Just a quick "Hello" and "Thank you". "Hello" to everyone. And "Thank you" to everyone, who takes the time to post about their experiences with and knowledge of kitchen knives. I'm not a chef, nor do I play one on TV. Just a guy, who likes to cook, and who likes to have good tools with which to prep and cook. After managing for over 10 years to keep in reasonably good shape a set of Wusthof Trident Grand Prix knives using nothing more than a Lansky ceramic rod set, I have just taken the plunge into Japanese knives. Did a lot of research first, and found lots of great information in this forum. Had a couple of knives in mind but, based on positive comments here, I initially ordered three YAMAWAKU knives - 240 Gyuto, 165 Nakiri and 130 Petty from an eBay vendor, whose name is known to this forum. Didn't really need three, but the price was right and three cut down the shipping cost per knife. After a week (this morning) I received an email stating that the 240 was on indefinite back-order, the petty was not available at all, and asking if I wanted a full refund, to which I responded "YES." I then went back to my original choices and just ordered a Konosuke HD Wa-Gyuto 270mm and a Moritaka Supreme Nakiri 165mm. This way I can try two different types of metal, two different blade styles and two different manufacturing techniques. Am hoping it will be a fun learning experience. For sharpening I went with an Edge Pro Professional system with a set of Chosera stones, leather strop, Angle Cube, the scissor sharpener and the stone leveling kit - basically everything in the CKTG Edge Pro Custom Chosera Set, but for the Professional system, not the Apex. I bought everything from CKTG, except for the Edge Pro system itself, the scissor sharpener, case and the stone leveling kit, which I bought direct, because CKTG does not carry them. Probably overkill, but, if possible, I prefer to buy something once and have it for life. I also have a decent collection of work knives - Spyderco, Gerber, KA-BAR, etc., so the system will get regular use.

That's it. Once I have the knives in my hot little hands and run them through their paces for a while, will be happy to post about the experience, if anyone is interested. In the meantime, if anyone has any advice, words of wisdom, caveats, etc., I am all ears.

Again, Thanks!


HHH Knives
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Welcome to KKF!!

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Welcome, another New Englander. Go Sox

El Pescador
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Welcome, another New Englander. Go Sox

Welcome...what's happening to your boys...a regular beantown implosion!

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Ayah, am in New England, New Hampshire no less, but only for the past 17 years. Which makes me a new arrival to the locals. Originally from NJ (I know, too many "News" in there), so the Sox are not on my list of faves. But, I'm glad for my friends, whenever a Boston team does well. There were not too many happy fans after this past weekend. I have to admit, I did relish the outcome of the last Super Bowl. There was a little too much 'attitude' up north, and I'll always have a soft spot for the Giants, going back to the Phil Simms "Tuna" days (actually, the Fran Tarkenton days).

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Pesky, yes we are awful this year. I expect us to suck for the next 80 or so years.

narcnh, welcome still. This is a great community of wicked smart and unbelievably nice people. NH is beautiful, especially in the summertime. My in-laws have a place on Merry Meeting Lake. One of the most peaceful places I know of.

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Welcome.....nothing like the deep end!

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Dave Martell
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Welcome Bill :)

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Welcome to the Knut House! Interesting choice of gear.

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Welcome and Cheers!!!

The Edge
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Welcome, enjoy the madness!

06-13-2012, 08:11 AM
The madness is already taking hold. Last night I received another email from 330mate that the 240 blade would be in on Friday and that the petty could be made, but with a white hou wood handle and would that be acceptable. I decided to go for it. So, I am already up to five knives. Will be interesting to compare them, especially the 240 and 270 gyutos, and the two nakiris (proper plurals?). My sister and her family are coming to visit and, if she really likes my knives, I could always give her one or two. Or keep them to just stare at while making low, guttural noises.

I can see that this is a dangerous pastime in which to engage. This is how I started my gun collection, "Oh, I only need one....." My guess is that there is no cure.

06-13-2012, 08:18 AM
Welcome from another New Englander. From Western MA, live now in Eastern MA, after stints in NYC, Cali, WY and even NH where I went to grad school. Sox are embarrassing.....we had a good run but many of the current roster aren't even that like able, let alone good....lol

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To Hell with the Sox...long live the Loudon Classic!

Oh..and... Welcome to the Forums.:D