View Full Version : Alternative for Tojiro Shirogami knives + some questions.

06-20-2012, 02:29 PM
So i am trying to buy my first set of japan knives. I decided that i'd like to buy nonstainless knives .. it will be fun to use them and care for them. They will be my first japan knives and i'd like to use them to perfect myself in sharpening. I'd like to buy Nakiri, 24cm Gyuto and 15cm Petty. I want them to have classic japan handles. Since they are my first knives i do not care much about asthetics, cutting performance is more important. They should be around same price like Thojiros but i can go up to 100 a piece ( up to 200 if they are woth it) ..... i mainly want to know alternatives for Thojiros because of shipping price from USA so i would be glad if they can be bought from japanesechefsknife of simillar low shipping cost retailer. I own Hiromoto NHS 18,5cm gyuto but i never used it much, is this blade any good? I bought it for my father as pressent three years ago and he really liked it. But i do not want to use this knife since my father died not long ago and i am not comfortable with it.

Plus could you give me advice on sharpening stones for these knives ... i only have 1500 japanese stone which i bought for my father as pressent and some czech made under 1000 stones. So i will be buying stones with those knives.
Also is i always used honing rod for my blades so i would like to buy honing rod ( right now i have wery old smooth dick honing rod and some new ribbed one which i am using for my european style knives ) or some better day to day edge-care device ( i heard something about leather strops but never seen it in action ... ) so is there thread about these?

Thank you wery much for answers.

06-20-2012, 02:40 PM
Welcome to the forum. I hope you find a solution to your quandary (which I am sure you will).