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Salty dog
08-01-2012, 07:15 AM
My friend Joel stopped by with his new knife from TC Blades. It's been so long it took me awhile to log into youtube. This video is a little raw and I'm a little out of practice but you get the point.

This is a 240 from 01 steel, 50/50 double bevel. It's no skinny minnie. A robust knife that takes an edge nicely. I wouldn't hesitate to cut darn near anything with it. It's well over 300 grams (didn't have my scale) and built to take on everything from tomatoes to whole chickens.

One thing I like about Tsil is he puts his character into the knives. Big, bold and you can run it over with your car and it will come out cutting. Much like the man himself. (Something we have in common)


08-01-2012, 09:17 AM
I like the looks of that a lot. I'm not really into lasers. Thanks.


08-01-2012, 09:21 AM
That's a cool looking knife! Quite a performer too it seems.

08-01-2012, 10:23 AM
I just watched the moritaka video Dogg, how did you get the grape cutting idea? Just asking

Salty dog
08-01-2012, 01:57 PM
I opened the cold station cooler looking for something to cut. I'm too darn lazy to go downstairs to the walk-in. So what ever is there I cut. Grapes were in front.

Eamon Burke
08-01-2012, 03:56 PM
Sweet looking bolster.

08-01-2012, 05:05 PM
I really like the look of Tsil's and Inesse's work.....their knives and their pots. Razor's look cool too.