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08-29-2012, 05:01 AM
L. Cornelius Atimetus was a knife maker in the 1st century AD. This is his funerary reliefs on his tomb.

casts of reliefs from the
gravestone of L. Cornelius Atimetus, a Roman cutler of the first
century a.d. One relief (No. 457 ; fig. 192) shows the cutler's workshop,
with two men working at some object placed on an anvil in
front of a furnace. One man holds the object with the tongs, the
other hammers it into shape. Above them hang a knife, sickle,
tongs, etc. Behind on the left is the bellows. The other relief
(No. 458 ; fig. 193) represents the cutler's shop, with numerous
knives and sickles hanging in an open cupboard. The cutler on the
right, who wears the tunic only, is showing a knife.