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09-20-2012, 05:28 AM
Well, like many folks here: I've got a lot of knives, but I've got more on the way and still more that I'd like to try... so it's time to thin the herd a bit more.

First up is a 150mm Watanabe Honesuki in Blue #2:
I got this knife from our own hobbiest maker, Mario (RRLOVER). He put a really nice custom handle on it with black palm ferrule, but sold it because he decided that he didn't like single bevels and the ferrule shrunk a bit. He packed it up with oil and way on the handle, and by the time it got to me, the ferrule had sucked up some of the oil and there was no delectable size difference between handle and ferrule.
I spent some time evening out the gind on the primary blade road on this knife and it's currently in good shape. Thin, even, sharp as hell and ready to destroy some birds. I'm selling it just because it's been upstaged by a bigger, badder, custom bird killer.
-$200 (not much more than the cost of a custom handle like this one).

2nd is another sweet little boning knife: a Zakuri 150mm double bevel boning knife/ petty in Blue #1:
Zakuri is one of the only makers that I've seen using this steel. It has higher carbon content then blue #2, but better edge retention than while #1. I think of it as White #1 with some added wear resistance. It's very hard, easy to sharpen, and reasonably tough and wear resistant. It's a great steel, but apparently expensive and tricky to work with. Zakuri did a great job with this knife and it's a pleasure to sharpen and use. It's very robust little blade that easily handles chickens, small tukeys, and small fish. The shape is a little less extreme than a honesuki, so if you just can't deal with the "killer triangle" design of a honesuki or what a more all-round butchering and utility blade: this one's for you. New, these come with fairly rough grind and a stupid stand-blasted faux-kasumi finish on the 2ndard bevels. I removed the rough texture, evened out the grind, and did a tad of thinning so it's lower-drag than new and all set-up of easy sharpening and maintenance.

3rd is a pretty rare and creature in that I've never seen on a BST thread before: A limited edition Shun slicer. This is from the "Michel Bras" line and is the 9" slicer with scallops or friction/sticktion-reducing hollow grinds.
Blade is SG2, clad with softer stainless and then coated with dark grey titanium. Shun's tend to get a bad rap not because they are bad knives, but because there are so many other options that are often at lower prices and because Shuns have become a bit mainstream and some of the profiles are a bit too euro. Well, this is a pretty rare Shun, with a great design and profile, and at a reasonable price.
Integral bolster, right-hand D-shape paka wood handle w/ stainless end-cap.
Blade has some scuffs on it from thinning behind the edge and sharpening, but it's been tuned to better-than stock performance: thinner behind the edge, lower drag, better durability, sharper. Shun's SG2 has a reputation for being a bit chippy, but I've never had a problem with this knife with the edge angles that I currently have on it. It's as lasery and nice cutting a slicer as I've ever used and F&F is the best that Shun makes.
Original box, papers, and serial-numbered saya included.

Last, I have a bit of a bonus offer to anyone who buys one or more of the first 3 knifes: A CCK 1303.
I thinned the 2ndard bevel and evened out the deep/ crude grinding and played around with some forced patina and etching. I don't think that a CCK needs much explanation / description, but I've never used a knife that with less cutting effort than this one. I like it well enough that it's not worth the cost and trouble to pack it up and ship it on it's own (rather give it away locally), but if you want it, I'll pack it along with one or all of the other knives for an extra $25.

I'll pay insured shipping on any or all of the above knives.

A few more pictures here:

If you want specs or have questions on any of the knives, just ask.

Thanks for looking!

09-20-2012, 06:06 AM
Hi Justin,

Is watanabe honesuki a true single bevel one? And may I also ask what's the thickness at the spine and at the point where shinogi line starts?

09-20-2012, 06:12 AM
I saw a few of these honesukis and love them. If I didn't have the harasuki already... Definitely a great knife. Btw, I am assuming the pics 1 and 2 are reversed?


09-20-2012, 01:19 PM
I saw a few of these honesukis and love them. If I didn't have the harasuki already... Definitely a great knife. Btw, I am assuming the pics 1 and 2 are reversed?


oops, yeah, picks 1 and 2 are reversed and here's the link the the rest of the pictures:
https://picasaweb.google.com/117600618285187025883/SaleBrasZakuriWatanabeCCK?authkey=Gv1sRgCKzx76uXjd qJaw

Watanabe is sold pending...

09-25-2012, 01:46 AM
Watanabe is gone.

Fist and last price drop on the remainders:
$85 for the Zakuri
$260 for the Bras Slicer
CCK is Free if you buy the other 2.

10-03-2012, 11:59 AM
Slicer and CCK are all that remain