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10-16-2012, 11:57 PM
Was wondering what the opinions are of those who have used this cleaver. A little background, I'm wanting to upgrade from my CCK. Not that I don't love this knife, I do, just want something a little bigger with nicer f&f. The price seems about right, just haven't read to much about it, and how it holds up to pro kitchen use. The only review I could find was a home cook who used it very infrequently. Here is the cleaver http://korin.com/Togiharu-Chinese-style-cleaver

Thanks ~joe

10-17-2012, 05:37 AM
I don't recall any reviews on the Togiharu cleaver.

Those who have used CCK, and want to take the next step, usually will try a Suien VC cleaver. This a full size cleaver, 220 x 112mm, at a good price point. Cleaver after this are in the $300 dollar range. Japanese Chef Knives, and Japanese Knife Imports carry it.

The phrase nice fit and finish on a cleaver, is a oxymoron. All the cleavers that I've picked up, except the Hattori forum cleaver, have rough finishes. I think the makers get tired after grinding the blade, and just want to be done with it.