View Full Version : Initial Sharpening Service for the Internet!

11-07-2012, 11:35 AM
Most of you probably already know, but Korinís initial sharpening service has always been a free in-store exclusive perk. However, due to popular demand, Korin is extending this offer to the internet.

One of Korin's resident knife sharpeners use 4~5 different whetstones (#300, #1000, #3000, #6000, #8000) to remove the factory edge. Mr. Sugai also asks customers what they will be primarily using the knife for. If a customer intends to use the knife to only slice/portion fish, Mr. Sugai will lower the angle for a sharper cutting edge. He generally will not change the angle unless a knife will be used for delicate tasks, because lowering the angle will also make the blade more brittle.

(Please note that all sharpened knives are not returnable or eligible for exchange.)


Funny story: Mr. Sugai and Vincent were both unavailable when the web team was making this banner. So the web manager (also learning how to sharpen knives from Vincent every now and then), posed for this shot. I went downstairs to find him looking VERY pleased at the sharpening section, as our photographer was taking pictures. LOL

11-07-2012, 12:05 PM