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11-27-2012, 11:00 AM
Hi guys,
I have been lurking on the forums for some time and figured I would finally post a couple of my blades. Within the last five years I have seriously got into cooking and doing dinner parties. I absolutely love it and enjoy learning new things every day. From knife skills to new cooking techniques, I am hooked!

I also build LED units for aquariums and really appreciate everything that goes into products being made by hand and being made here in the US. I found Joel from Cut Brooklyn over a year ago and really liked what he was doing. I researched for a while and decided to try one of his Prospects 120 out. I went with a orange G10 handle ( favorite color ) and absolutely loved it. Of course this was to small for certain things but it gave me a taste of what Joel had. I loved the feel and easy maintenance. I had used a few different blades from Japanese Chefs Knifes, Shun and a few other knife makers but I kept going back to Cut Brooklyns. I only wanted a pairing knife, filet knife and a ~9" chefs blade. I contacted Joel for a filet knife and to my surprise he had been working on one. The handle was made from black walnut and was STUNNING. I picked up the filet knife and again fell in love. The last knife I need is a chefs blade and it is on the way. I contacted Joel a few months before for a all "black" chefs knife. He said he could make it happen but it would take some time with the other projects he had going on. The handle is black G10 material and the pins are black carbon fiber. The blade will be washed dark to give it a midnight/black look. It is on the way and I should have it by the end of the week. Needless to say I am to excited! I chose his new style the Journeyman 240.

All in all I know not many people on here have used his stuff and I am new to the knife scene. Joel is a great guy to work with and makes some amazing knifes. I look forward to using his knifes for years to come!

Teaser of the Midnight Journeyman 240
Filet and Prospect 120


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Welcome to KKF, Dave.


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Welcome Dave! Nice knives.

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Welcome welcome!

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Nice, welcome to kkf.

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Thanks guys! I will post a few more photos with the nice camera this week.


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Welcome aboard!

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