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11-30-2012, 12:45 PM
Hello hello!
Contrary to popular belief, Korin has a bunch of non-knife related gift ideas. I'll actually be shopping at Korin for smaller gifts too. :)

Fawn Mugtail - $16 (http://korin.com/Mugtail-Fawn)
We have a bunch of different animals including foxes, bears, squirrels, and hedgehogs. They're not only nice to drink out of, but they work great as small decorations. I plan to fill these lovelies up with homemade cookies, put it in a clear plastic gift bag, and stick a bow on it.
(Picture taken by Foodie with Family)

Sumikannyu Donabe hot pots - $15.90 ~ $59.50 (http://korin.com/Sumikannyu-Donabe)
Winter is my second favorite season. Why? Because it's hot pot and soup season. There is nothing more fun than sharing a meal out of a big earthen hot pot with family or friends. No one is slaying away in the kitchen, and everyone gets warm soup belly. My favorite hot pot dish is oden!
This is oden:

http://korin.com/GL_YCC-12_s.jpg http://korin.com/GL-YCT-070_s.jpg
(Please don't ask why the teacup is HUGE. I apparently found a photoshop job for myself... lol)
Double wall glass teacup (http://korin.com/Double-Wall-Tea-Cup) - $3.40
(On a side note, we have all sorts of double wall cups. I just happened to like this one.)
Glass teapot (http://korin.com/Glass-Teapot) - $17
The teacups makes nice stocking stuffers, and if you have an avid tea-drinker (like myself) these cups are quiet awesome. I have them at home which the rest of my large collection of tea products. Since it's double walled, you don't feel the temperature of your drink which makes it very easy to hold. Again, you can always fill them up with something and wrap it up in clear plastic wrap.

Yes yes, this is supposed to be an under $20 gift guide. I know, but there are two things I always recommend during the holidays and they actually sell very well as presents.

Black Kessho Sake Bottle (http://korin.com/Black-Kessho-Sake-Bottle-130cc) - $22.90
Great for sake drinkers in the winter. You can fill the outer bottle with hot water or ice and then place the inner bottle into the container and pour your favorite sake. Your sake will continue to stay warm or ice cold until you finish your drink.

Black Bizen Smoker Pot (http://korin.com/Black-Bizen-Smoker-Pot-with-Net-Starter-Cherry-Chip-Bag) - $69.50
If you live in an apartment without a yard, it gets very tricky to smoke anything. The black bizen smoker pot is makes for a great gift for anyone who loves cooking... And think of it this way, you may eventually reap in the benefits too. Smoked bacon anyone? :)

Regardless of whether you found anything interesting here or not, I hope it at least helped give you ideas for the holidays.

Thanks for reading! :D

11-30-2012, 02:58 PM
Nice ideas. What the censored is that drink in the mug? I now suddenly crave a milkshake

11-30-2012, 04:05 PM
What the censored is that drink in the mug?

Seriously! If I had to guess hot chocolate,marshmallows, shaved white chocolate, and Oreo cookie crumbs. Yum!

11-30-2012, 04:20 PM
It's peppermint cream for peppermint mocha with marshmallows and oreo crumbs! :D

11-30-2012, 04:48 PM
It's peppermint cream for peppermint mocha with marshmallows and oreo crumbs! :D

Yum! Even better than I had imagined.

11-30-2012, 05:42 PM
Smoker pot looks cool.

11-30-2012, 06:05 PM
Smoker pot looks cool.

It's compact and nice for smaller kitchen spaces too. My friends want me to try to make smoked cheesecake with it. I don't know how thats going to work out. lol