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Burl Source
12-02-2012, 04:40 PM
First let me start with why I am making these Discounted Store Credits available.
I was contacted by a fellow "Wood Junky" the other day. He needs to sell off his collection of exotic woods.
This is a big collection of some really, really good wood that would be difficult to get these days.
Even though he is going to make me a sweetheart deal it is still going to be expensive.
Your purchase of the Discounted In-Store Credits will make it possible for me to purchase this collection of Old Stock wood.

Now how this will benefit you;

The Discounted Store Credits are available in two denominations.
$100 buys you an In-Store Credit of $120. (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-7570/%24120-Discounted-In-dsh-Store-Credit/Detail)
$200 buys you an In-Store Credit of $250. (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-7571/%24250-Discounted-In-dsh-Store-Credit/Detail)
There is no expiration date for the store credits so you can use them to purchase store merchandise whenever you like.

This link will take you to where they are in the store. (http://www.burlsource.us/servlet/the-Discounted-Store-Credits/Categories)

Now here is how you can end up with a double or even triple discount.
Your first discount came from buying the store credits at a discount.
Now you are qualified for our "Repeat Customer Discount" of 20%. To redeem the repeat customer discount you enter the promotional code repeat during checkout and it applies the 20% discount to your purchase.
And finally if you are purchasing any items that are on sale you get that discount as well.

There will be only a limited number of these Discounted Store Credits available.
If you go to the web store and get a "Product not available" message. That probably means they are all gone.

To use your in-store credit on future purchases is easy.
This in-store credit is similar to a gift certificate.
After you purchase your in-store credits there is really nothing else that you need to do. Within 24 hours of your discounted store credit purchase you will receive an email with notification that your store credit has been applied to your account.
When you come back to make future purchases of store merchandise you just log in to your account like usual.
Select which items you would like to get and add them to your shopping cart.
When you are finished shopping select check out and complete the process.

The store software will automatically apply your credits toward your purchase total.
Example; If you have a store credit of $120 and your purchases total $100. The software will apply $100 to pay for your purchase and leave your store account with a balance of $20 toward your next purchase.
If you have a store credit of $120 and your purchases total $150. The software will apply the $120 credit toward your purchase and prompt you to pay the $30 remaining balance.

There are about to be 150+ new pieces added to the store. I have them all cleaned up and just need to take the photos and get them posted in the store.

Burl Source
12-03-2012, 05:30 PM
I went to process credits in my web store and was unable to get in.
Called Tech support and found out there was a server crash.
They have it fixed now. Only lasted a few hours. This was a first for me.

Some of you may have tried to visit the store and got an error message.
Everything is working now.

A couple orders were interrupted and placed into a pending status.
I have sent emails to those.

One of the forum members mentioned that someone could repeatedly use store credits to buy more to buy more.
Basically work the system to stick it to me.

I am unable to program the store software to prevent that so I posted this in the listings.

Store credits are for purchasing merchandise only. They may not be used to purchase more store credits.
Since I am unable to program the store software to prevent this, orders attempting to use credits to purchase further credits will be manually cancelled and payments refunded, cancelling the transaction.

If anyone here has purchased store credits and has a positive balance in their store account,
but wants to purchase more while they are available, send me a PM or email and I will send a paypal invoice for payment.