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01-03-2013, 05:38 PM
Hi for the first time to everyone here. I posted this in the intro thread but realised this is probably the best way to get some answers. I just bought a ******** laser 240 wa gyuto and have since learned reading this forum that the supplier of this knife is not particularly well received (in here anyway). Personal opinions of the supplier aside I would like to get peoples opinions of the knife itself. When purchasing it seemed to fit the profile of everything i was looking i.e steel quality, wa handle, size, shape and obviously sharp but am just looking for a few pointers on sharpening from anyone who owns/owned one. Also got a Hiro Aogami super petty. Thanks

01-03-2013, 06:20 PM
Hi Jeff.

I've never handled a ******** laser, but I'll tell you what I know, and I'm happy to be corrected by any other more knowledgeable forum members.

Unlike the other ******** knives, the laser is made in Japan so it may not suffer some of the shortcomings that his knives suffer (thickness behind the edge, unimpressive heat-treatment of steel etc). The steel is well regarded stainless and if heat treated well, it should take and hold a very fine edge.

As far as sharpening, freehand sharpening on Japanese waterstones is the way to go, I recommend having a look at the Japanese Knife Imports youtube channel for some wonderful walkthroughs and lots of information about sharpening. If you are after a class, Chef's Armoury in ******** (the suburb) offer classes and that is a great way to get the basics of sharpening in an afternoon. www.chefsarmoury.com.au

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It's funny that Leigh's shop in Melbourne is banned on KKF 【oŽ゚□゚`o】
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Put the joke aside, welcome aboard another Ozzie member.

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Thanks, I was going to check out Chefs Armoury and I'll give those videos a look also.

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Any idea who makes the lasers in Japan?

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Welcome to the forum, Jeff!

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Hello jeff. The more Aussies the better.

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Welcome Jeff, sorry for the stupid censoring we do here.

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Welcome Jeff, sorry for the stupid censoring we do here.

No worries. You have your reasons. Cheers for the welcome guys

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Hi Jeff , Welcome to the forum

01-07-2013, 11:21 PM
Ok so the petty showed up today and the laser should be here soon as well. Also got a 1303 cleaver for fun (and a bit of sharpening practice). Can someone suggest what stone/stones to get for sharpening these. From reading a few threads here seems that the 1000/6000 combo is fairly popular.

01-08-2013, 12:01 AM
Oh and excellent service from JCK. Ordered Thursday night (aus time) and was here Tuesday morning.

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Hi Jeff,welcome and I hope the bushfires are in control soon.

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Yeah I know pretty bad aren't they. Nowhere near where I am and not as bad as Tassie by the sounds of things.

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We had a few grass fires in my area, but nothing that threatened houses it lives. Still scary though driving hone and seeing a parade of water bombing helicopters.