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    Edge pro and Japanese knives?

    You can blend the shoulder freehand or create convex bevels and hamaguriba edges. None of that is possible with an EP.

    ThEoRy 08-29-2014, 11:57 PM Go to last post

    New knife set recomendation

    There's 3 (I think) different grit scales. Generally this forum uses the Japanese ones, but I think there's an American grit scale where 1200 would in

    TheOneHawk 08-29-2014, 11:54 PM Go to last post

    What knife should I buy?

    The OP is an evident novice where kitchen knives are concerned, and is yet incapable of making a choice in different options about material, length. profile,

    Benuser 08-29-2014, 10:58 PM Go to last post

    What knife should I buy?

    I think you're taking this too personally. The custom knives we usually think about and highly respect are at a significantly higher price point than

    James 08-29-2014, 10:46 PM Go to last post

    Trust the Chef?

    From a very well traveled man...I live on the road, often 3 weeks at a time.

    I manage my calories by portions and selections, not substitutions.

    Vesteroid 08-29-2014, 10:44 PM Go to last post