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    Put padding under cutting board

    They're not that dull. Here, I made a little video. I'm not cutting anything difficult but it's all I have for now. I can't embed it, but here's a link.

    Bohan 10-26-2014, 02:06 AM Go to last post

    sharpening 440

    That's not even vaguely a rule of thumb.

    EdipisReks 10-26-2014, 02:04 AM Go to last post

    6k stone and metal particles

    Also make sure you have the blade clean from the previous stone, and that you do not accidentally transfer grit from a coarser stone onto the 6000 grit

    psfred 10-26-2014, 01:22 AM Go to last post

    New to waterstones - advice sought

    If your knives are just dull and not damaged (no chips in the edge) you really only need a 1000 grit and a 5000 grit to get a decent edge. I'd get a

    psfred 10-26-2014, 01:19 AM Go to last post
    labor of love

    Anyone watching Season 3 of Mind of a Chef?

    Damn, really? I liked Bloomfield alot actually. Brock does some nice things, but my least favorite episodes were usually the ones where he travels.

    labor of love 10-26-2014, 01:18 AM Go to last post