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    Ceramic steel between sharpenings: I have a...

    Ceramic steel between sharpenings: I have a Chicago Cutlery brand, I'd guess 12" long. Been using it for maybe 25 or 30 years now, and it works very well between sharpening. Sharpening I use oil...
  2. Thiers-Issard ****elephant knife failure - where to buy replacement

    I have several "Sabatier" kitchen knives, most are manufactured by Thiers-Issard****elephant logo-France and are stainless steel, full tang, black handle, three rivets. Mother in Law (age 90)...
  3. Protecting wood

    Re: Pine grips on pistol or similar, including furniture: I like to use oil-based good quality polyurethane (like a varnish). Multiple coats to build mil thickness of base, wet sanded between each...
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