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  1. Stones too

    If you give her the knives the stones have to go with them. Otherwise, you are being too mean. I have people wanting to buy a Tojiro cow sword after using mine. I tell them it's just like a horse. A...
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    I got the newbie D_Man kit: DMT XXC, Beston 500,...

    I got the newbie D_Man kit: DMT XXC, Beston 500, Bester 1200, Suehiro Rika 5000, felt pad and magic baby blue spray and..wait for it.. the tojiro pro sink stone holder. No t-shirt but I got the DVD.
  3. Dave's board butter on maple Boos block

    I finally applied Dave's Board Butter to my Boos maple edge grain board last night. It had started to split between stays but all the sites said this is normal so I just decided to feed it. Boy, was...
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    - after confirming I have a Bester 1200, Beston...

    - after confirming I have a Bester 1200, Beston 500 and Beston 5000.
    Modification to stone list: Bester 1200 but Suehiro Rika 5000

    Put the stones in water overnight. I think that may have been a...
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    @Spike: Thanks for the comments. I use the...

    @Spike: Thanks for the comments. I use the ceramic rod as a hone and normally get some edge truing > better cutting > that's no longer true
    @DarkHoek: No chips or edge damage - after confirming I...
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    Always start at 500 to get to 5000

    I have a new (to me) Tojiro Gyuto DP 240 mm. It seems about 80% of factory after a couple of months. I have been using the ceramic rod for touch up but today no improvement. If I am going to sharpen...
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