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  1. Knowing my dad, that's exactly what it is. He...

    Knowing my dad, that's exactly what it is. He was a woodworker and tinkerer, so I'm glad to know there's a little something special in the story behind that slicer :)
  2. So are these all just cheap, uninteresting...

    So are these all just cheap, uninteresting blades? I'm just curious when Lenox (who I see "highspeed" branded sawblades and disposable razors by) forayed into kitchen blades.
  3. Looking for info on some knives I inherited

    My father was a blade nut for a while. He got into knives as a result of being a sculptor and working with wood chisels frequently. Knowledge of steels and sharpening transcended the shop and took...
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    Actually, I just found a medium and fine...

    Actually, I just found a medium and fine Carborundum SiC stone in the sharpening box, so I think that range is covered. I've been getting a lot of practice in lately by sharpening my friends' knives...
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    also, I'm using them with water. They are pretty purged of oil after flattening on the diamond pad. It is much more convenient, and I have heard of others doing it, but let me know if this is dumb.
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    Using Arkansas Stones

    I inherited two Arkansas stones, a hard, surgical black Russels and a soft Norton (I know mine/manufacturer has a lot to do with quality and apparent grit, but don't know if those are good). They...
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