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    I'm learning a lot here about J-knives. I may...

    I'm learning a lot here about J-knives. I may become a convert. Wusthof replaced my entire set of Classic Ikons due to burrs on every knife and staining (they determined it was a run of "soft...
  2. Answer to your question

    After you subtract the steak knives it is really a set of 10. I actually use every knife in the set. Sometimes I am slicing fruit and then chopping onion on a second board, then boning a roast, so...
  3. Thanks

    Good procedure suggestion. You're thinking ahead.
  4. Thank you everyone

    My photos of the ikon disaster were sent to Germany, where they determined that my entire set was defective due to a run of "soft steel". They are replacing the entire set. Not sure i will keep it...
  5. Wusthof Classic Ikon - Strange issues - need help and opinions

    OK, I'm a home user but have very good knife knowledge as my father was a butcher. So I know how to not to mistreat knives, how to sharpen, hone, etc.

    Here's what has happened - I purchased a new...
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