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    Alright!! Post your top 5 Makers!!!!

    So, we all have different tastes, uses, and levels of familiarity. Ignore debates as to steel types, lines, handles, profiles, price, etc. Who are your top 5 makers of kitchen knives? Be sure to...
  2. I have a lot more detail on the proposed use on a...

    I have a lot more detail on the proposed use on a different thread titled, "help me choose the right knife". I just realized that you get a lot more views/comments if you list actual knives in the...
  3. Masanobu VG-10 vs Masamoto Swedish Steel vs Suisin INOX Honyaki vs Gesshin Ginga Stainless


    Particularly for Gyutos
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    Help me choose the right knife!

    Hi All,
    I am a professional cook that has been working in the industry for about 10 years. I have worked in a number of different kitchens of varying types over the years, but all of them have...
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