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Thread: Hi from the great norwet.

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    Hi from the great norwet.

    Hey everyone, Ive been around over at bladeforums and figured I would stop by and check in over here. Ive been learning bladesmithing for the last year or so and have stumbled onto/dragged into/highly suggested to make some kitchen blades. Not something I was going to try for a while but hey when the inlaws want handmade kitchen knives vise expensive gifts what can a craftsperson say but "yeah I can make that, why not".

    Anyways they loved them and they actually did perform pretty well compared to some cheapo poorly made manufactured guys but now that Ive started I want to be able to actually learn more of the ins and outs of kitchen knives and what people like to look for in there construction and what not to improve performance.

    Dont worry Ill be sure to read for some time before I do much besides introduce myself.
    Mechanic by trade, living up here in NW Washington state, yes its raining right now.

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    Good to have you! Lots to learn but a great place to do it.
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    Welcome! Nice to have you on board, enjoy your stay! I stayed in Bremerton for 6 months, it was alright. Oyster Bay Inn it was, I believe. Anyhow, looking forward to testing out your knives

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    Thanks guys appreciate the welcome.

    Quantum maybe in a while when I make something worth it Ill try a pass around so atleast a few can give me a little gibbering (I mean constructive criticism).

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    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Welcome, wouldn't mind to see pics of your non kitchen knives too, we are just knife knuts here, not just kitchen knife knuts.

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    Welcome aboard! You are in the right place to learn how to make better kitchen knives. A lot of talented people here that seem to love to share knowledge.

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    Welcome, and great looking knives! I really really like the simple elegance of the handles. I want the single without the hamon, lol
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