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Thread: Hi from the great norwet.

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    Spokane, WA aka Spokanistan, or Spoklahoma, or...
    I also like the looks of the single bevel, would be nice with a wa handle

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    Thanks for the compliments guys. I am getting a new sander for wood projects that has a good rest so hopefully I will be able to do some decent angles on it then I can try those handles.

    Jmadams that one was a good little slicer, the stock metal was .09" and it was thinned out a bit more and with the bevel it cut really well just playing in the kitchen during christmas dinner. I am no chef so cant say how it would perform long haul, guess Ill find out if I can get the wife's parents to actually use them.

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    The incredibly sophisticated Boise, ID <g>

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    Welcome to KKF!

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    if you ever need someone to test one out lemme know :P im just across the water in Victoria BC

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    Pensacola, FL, USA

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    Well, quint, if you want I see how they work in a pro kitchen, make me one, lol. Serious though, the profile looks exactly like what I've been looking for, and your single bevel looks very very interesting. PM me if your interested
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    @quint, I deleted your knife pictures. Please re-read our Terms of Use that you agreed to when you signed up.

    1. If you are a knife related product dealer/retailer and/or a knife maker/sharpener (etc.) you are not permitted to insert business related text/videos/images (company/product references) and/or links into your signature line, your homepage url (within the homepage profile box), within any posts, within your avatar, nor anywhere else on this site. Market research (such as asking questions regarding or referring to products/services that you make/offer for sale) is prohibited. These features are reserved for supporting vendors.
    I don't mean to get you started out with a less than warm welcome but many knifemakers before you have made some bad business here and we've adjusted our policies as a result. I hope that you can understand where I'm coming from with this.

    Welcome to KKF, enjoy the knifeness

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    Whoops sorry guys, misunderstood some of the membership outlines.

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    No problem - all is well.

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