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Thread: adding photos to posts here

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    adding photos to posts here

    Dunb question maybe but how do I add photos to a post in this section? I thought I knew how but this subarea seems to work different than the for sale area. There it asked me if I wanted to add a photo from my computer files but it doesn't here. I was going to post a few of my own market knife vendor photos from Asia.

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    Hi Noodle Soup yes please post i wish more people would .
    You will need a image host such photo bucket or the one i use is Imgur then the images on your computer can be upload to the photo site
    and then post the code this is the forum one you will see when you get there .
    you can post from from your computer if your a paying member .
    but most use image sites any way
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    OK, I was wondering if this was a paying member thing or something.

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