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Thread: New to the Forum, Forgecraft Search Brought me here

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    New to the Forum, Forgecraft Search Brought me here

    Hello for Central NJ,

    Knife greenhorn checking in from Central NJ. I'm 23 and just starting to get into knives. I'm currently a chemistry grad student. Currently I have a 8" chefs knife that I've had for quite a while, it's a german made knife that as I recall is a Wustoff, that a knife shop by my parents Warren Cutlery (Hudson Valley NY) labels as their house brand. I have a few other probably marginal knives that I also use, they'd probably make someone who actually knows about knives cringe!

    Anyway, what really brought me to the forum is the search for information on some knives I found when cleaning out my girlfriends grandfathers house. They are Forgecraft by Washington Forge Inc of Englishtown NJ. Saw a small number of posts on these but I'm looking for more information. These came in a set of 5 (pairing, boner, cleaver, slicer and french chef) and are still in the original package. There was another block with more of the same brand that I didn't take, but I can have if they are worthwhile knives.

    So people who know more than I do...what's the story on these knives, are they worth using and if so what should I do before using them. I'm here to absorb knowledge from the learned. Excited to be a member of the forum!

    Here's a pic of the knives


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    Lol, we talk about Forgecraft a fair amount, funny it registered on a search engine.

    They are good knives, not great, but good no nonsense knifes that will last a lifetime or two depending on how you care for them.

    On a daily basis I still use a 8" chef knife that my grandfather used.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome....while the primary audience of this forum enjoys Japanese knives a lot of us like old carbon knives from the good old USA....they r great knives if u ask me....enjoy em and stick around....Ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    Welcome, nice set of Forgecrafts. I've never seen them in the package, very cool. They are great knives, just remember to clean them and wipe them dry after using. They are carbon steel and will require a little more upkeep than your Wustoff. Hang around for awhile, there's lots to learn.
    Good to have you on board.
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    Welcome aboard! Looks like you found a nice little treasure.

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    Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us!

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    I'm VERY envious of that kind of find... I just got back some modified Forges from Mike Henry. These are great knives dollar for dollar. Especially when you put a proper handle on them. And those are basically NOS! Welcome to the forums!
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