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Thread: Thai knife dealers

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    Thai knife dealers

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    Bangkok meat market knife dealer

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    Ok, that worked for me!

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    Nice have any more .
    That guy looks a bit giddy about knives
    A clever cook can make good meat of a whetstone.” Erasmus

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    not sure who is happier that guy, or a kid in the candy store.
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    Dozens of knives but not a single stone? Even SLT has a better ratio then that and that's for a population who sees "never needs sharpening" as a miracle selling point.

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    Chiang Mai public market

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    I like that fruit carving is popular enough, in Thailand, for this guy to have fruit carving knives.

    Take a look around at:

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    All the vendors seemed to have fruit carving knives. My experiences with fruit carving was that I ended up with a "water lotus that has been run over by a high speed bass boat three times."
    I see a pull through knife sharpener in that photo but almost all these peddlers had the standard silicon carbide benchstones you find everywhere in Asia.
    Going to try again on the photos thing. I've had a couple of other failures now and I'm not sure why this one worked.

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    I should also point out this guy has some of the sharpest knives I had seen in country. Given they were the same brands others were selling I assume he sharpened them himself before he laid they out.

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