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Thread: Hello from the UK

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    Hello from the UK

    Hello kitchen knife forums users.
    My name is steve, I am 28 and I love cooking. I work with vulnerable adults both in care and in their homes (love my job). I like loud and live rock music, drinking, watching/playing football and spending time with my wife and son. I am fairly witty and outgoing, occasionally annoying. I own a fujiwara 240mm gyuto (fu-rin-ka-zan) a mac pro petty and a vast array of cheapo knives some good, some bad. I had some stones until I lost them about 4 months ago in a house move.
    Oh and I love rare rib eye steak with colmans mustard!!!!!!
    Nice to meet you all!!!

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    Welcome aboard, Steve!

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    Welcome Steve

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    Welcome. While your here take a look at WillC's subforum. He's a fellow countryman who makes a great knife!
    "So you want to be a vegetarian? Hitler was a vegetarian and look at how he turned out."

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    Welcome to KKF, Steve!

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    The incredibly sophisticated Boise, ID <g>
    Welcome, Steve

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    Welcome, Steve!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benuser View Post
    Welcome, Steve!
    welcome! that must be 4-5 of us from the uk now!

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    My knife journey started when a friend of mine found a bag of globals in the alley beside his house. He took them to the police station and noone came forward to claim them. I offered £200 for the set that was £500 new because he doesn't cook and I do, I thought it was fair! He didn't go for it and somehow I was directed to the JCK website through another forum. Reading reviews of global knives and seeing what you guys think of them, I'm glad I went with my Fujiwara. For my next knife I want a damascus blade, been searching found Devin Thomas, thats how I got here!

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