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Thread: Paring knife tales and the humble opinel.

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    Don't the sabatier nogents have full sized handles on their 6 inch slicing knives?

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    1+ on Opinels. Used them for years. Even the stainless ones aren't bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdm_magic View Post
    Don't the sabatier nogents have full sized handles on their 6 inch slicing knives?
    Mine is a touch smaller than my 10" slicer, but much smaller than my chef's. The wood measures 90mm end to end and ~10mm in width.
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    I've lost many a nice pocket knife, which I use for box cutting at work...bought an opinel carbone #5, for cheap, and have had it for, figures.
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    My wife got me a set of the olive wood handled parers from sabatier. I have to say I like them a lot. I use them more than any paring knife I've had before. the handles seem to be good sized, but I guess I've never measured them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playford View Post
    why do knifemakers insist on tiny handles for paring knifes, gah!
    Unfortunateky Koki is sold out, but the next time he gets some in, do give an Itou 65mm paring knife a try. I got the ironwood handled one, 5th from the top (together with the ironwood "sheepfoot", 3rd from the top), and the handle on the 65mm is really big. Very, very comfortable!

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