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Thread: Ghee?

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    This will be a little on, and a little off topic.

    Not all fats are created equally. When talking about the health effects of saturated fats, especially animal fats, where they come from is vital. Not only does pastured butter taste better, but it is genuinely healthy for you (provided you stay within appropriate calorie ranges).

    This has a slew of credible research that differentiates between corn-fed and grass-fed/pastured animal products, and illuminates the vast structural differences that result from the two separate food chains.

    This might also have a great deal to do with the taste differences that people are finding.

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    I also use the purity farms ghee. Not cheap, but good and a little goes a long way.

    In approximate order from low to high heat I mostly use:

    Coconut oil
    Sesame oil
    Sunflower oil
    COO (cheap olive oil)
    Grape seed oil

    I like Ghee on veggies when I want to sear them at higher heat than butter or coconut will tolerate.
    I've also been meaning to try clarified chicken fat. I think there was a book written recently about that.

    This one:

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