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Thread: High End pieces coming soon

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    I grabbed that LONG piece of amboyna.

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    Wow, only 4 pieces left? You all are like vultures! nice stuff yet iPad is always covered in drool after these posts and subsequent website reviews. I don't make handles but always trying to think about what I could make with these

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    Quote Originally Posted by ******* View Post
    I grabbed that LONG piece of amboyna.
    I really fought with myself about the piece you got.
    The golden/amber color looks a lot like afzelia but the scent confirms that it is amboyna.
    I think you will really like it. If not, I will happily buy it back.
    I thought about it as handle material for a carving set.

    There is still more stabilized Koa in this section of the store.
    All of the Koa was really nice, but I tried to put only the best of the best in the High End category.

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    When I called Mark last night the first thing he said was "I have been waiting for your call."

    I just can't help myself.

    "So you want to be a vegetarian? Hitler was a vegetarian and look at how he turned out."

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