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Thread: Single bevel WIP

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    Single bevel WIP

    I decided to really try my hand at traditional style single bevels. Figured i would start with a 240 mioroshi deba in a traditional style construction. First we need steel....2 pieces of 1018 back to back with a piece of W2 on one side. Dimensions of each piece is 5x2x3/8

    Time to get it hot and squish it!!!

    Finally getting thinner and longer I noticed with this construction, it wants to warp as it is cooling, i would assume the steels have different expansion/contraction rates.

    Wiping scale and flux off as much as possible

    And finally i am happy with where the billet is for now. Billet dimensions are 13 inches longx2.2 inches widex10mm thick. Tomorrow as time permits, i will get it forged to shape and hopefully get it HT'd. It is soaking in vinegar overnight to hopefully eat away the scale and leftover flux.

    More to come, stay tuned folks!!

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    This is going to be good.
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    Sweet !!! WIP it good!
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    Should have more on this today, as i get shop time until i go back to work.

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    The amazing thing is that Mike is doing all of this in the kitchen of a studio apartment.
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    That. Skeleton. Looks. Amazing.

    This should be fun!

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    What REALLY amazing is his wife just had a baby and he gets to play in the garage.......You are a STUD!!!!!!

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    You guys are funny lol. So...got a little more work done today. Some more forging and a ton of grinding( 10 mm thick doesnt grind very fast!!)

    so this is where it is sitting right now. HT tonight and maybe even get this monster ground! I think it is about 2 lbs right now lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Davis View Post
    10 mm thick doesnt grind very fast!!
    That's because you need a roller. You could have it rolled out to two knives.

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