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    Finally getting in some time on this. Working on Bulldog's scimitar, needed to give the eyes a break for a few lol.

    Will get some spine/ choil shots in a few...heading to the er right now, doc thinks i have an infection pocket where my wisdom teeth were taken out monday....oh joy

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    Starting to get the urasuki ground in.

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    First glimpse at the core this site made me happy in the pants!!!

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    I have it down to 8.2mm right now. Gonna bring it down to about 7.5 and call it good. Should have a decent distal taper also. Might try to do a kasumi finish...if i suckbat it, will polish/etch it

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    That grind looks clean, Mike! Really nice work.

    Take a look around at: www.sharpandshinyshop.com

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    Getting some cleaning on the stones, taking it to sharp
    Also, starting to get a handle mocked up. So far, Blackwood ferrule and Waterfall Bubinga

    Hoping to get some more done tonight, but have more engraving work to do.

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    Hell Yeah!
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    Wow man, hope your wisdom is doing well. The blade is looking great can't wait to see how the handle comes out.
    Chewie's the man.

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    So i got a few minutes to do some shaping on the handle. This thing is a tank...I seriously think it could be used to take down trees. I dont have dimensions on the handle yet, as i am still polishing, only at 1000 and soaking in oil so far. I have to say, of all the wood i have used, the depth and chatoyance of waterfall bubinga is easily among the best. I used a piece of mammoth ivory for the spacer, and decided to do a butt cap also but wanted to do something kinda cool and did the bark on the butt.

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    That's so sweet Mike! I love that handle, the mammoth bark looks really cool! Great Job
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