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Thread: New member from Florida

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    New member from Florida

    Hi all. My knife sharpening journey has led me to this forum. Unfortunately, my Calphalon Katana knife set was a gift and, with twin songs on the way, I don't have the spare cash to replace them. I'd like to learn to make the most of them and keep them as sharp as I can for now.

    Right now, I'm probably going to pick up a King or Norton 1000/6000 combo stone, a holder and a flattening stone, and look into more gear once I work on my technique for a while.

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    Where theres a will, theres a way. Welcome to the forum!

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    Thanks. While I'm at it, can anybody give advice on how to remove small scratches far behind the bevel of a knife? I got a little excited using my honing steel before I knew the proper angle and scratched up a cheap knife pretty bad. I figure that will be a good one to practice on.

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    To remove scratches use automotive sandpaper in grits P240-700. Use in one direction only, parallel to the edge is the easiest. You have to start with a grit nearly as coarse as the object that caused the scratches. You have to work the entire blade to get a uniform result. Make sure to stay away from the very edge. For a smooth finish you may use worn sandpaper with some waterstone mud.

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    Remember that even if you only scratched one side, you have to refinish both sides for a uniform finish. You will find out like the rest of us have, it's a lot of work. :-)
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    Welcome to KKF!

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