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Thread: US Customs

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    I mark my packages CHEF KNIFE I had a "KITCHEN TOOL" marked package get held up for 4 weeks. Their reasoning was kitchen tool was to broad a description.

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    Kitchen tool worked for me shipping to Russia. I did have incoming held up because customs thought 165 mm nakiri (ml??) was a bottle of wine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    Kitchen tool worked for me shipping to Russia. I did have incoming held up because customs thought 165 mm nakiri (ml??) was a bottle of wine!
    lol Gov. at work.
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    Interesting I stumbled on this thread. I've had the fowler scimitar that I ordered from Scott stuck in customs for about a week now.

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    mine has been stuck there for exactly 3 weeks now. Its tourture.

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    I get international packages fairly regular.
    The only one I have ever had delayed was processed through customs in LA and sat there for a couple weeks.
    It was also from the land down under.
    When I called the postmaster they said that things just get backed up there sometimes.

    As for shipping things internationally;
    The biggest delays going through their customs that I see are packages sent to Argentina and Brazil (up to 4 weeks whether priority or express)
    2nd would be Canada (often around 2 weeks)

    The point I am trying to make is that things can get slowed down quite a bit going through customs in any country. Some more often than others.
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    My wife runs a small eBay business on the side. She once sold a large lot of vintage toys to someone in AU. They chose standard freight, because of the astronomical shipping prices for the size of the package. It took exactly 108 days to arrive. When it did, the square box was no longer square, and was bound with heavy tape, and covered in footprints....she was told it went via freightliner, and anything can and will happen.
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    i hope my santoku didn't get held up in us customs while exiting coz it still isn't here yet. =(

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