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Thread: do you give away your recipes?

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    Thank you all for your responses.
    Up until now all I've cared about is that people enjoyed the food that I've put my heart and soul into.
    The best feeling is when people really enjoy your food, always puts a smile on my face.
    I think johnnychance just made me realize the issue, I don't think I'm somewhere where I want to contribute.
    Thank you all for the sage words, I got something from every post.

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    For me menu items represent a place and time. Dishes that sold at the last job represent that clientele, concept, budget, and staff. Old recipes need more than flavor to be relevant. They have to reflect the entirety of your current situation. Think about the music you listened to five years ago. How much of that music do you play for other people now? Probably a few tracks still resonate but most serve by influencing your current taste. Ideas are cheap. They can get you a job but I think it is consistent execution and development (menu and staff) that create and increase your value to an employer. Recipes alone are not worth half as much as the will to create and inspire quality on every plate. If you can get a dish on the menu you should do it. Then, make sure it stays as good as the plate that got approved or make it better.

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    I have no problem giving out recipes as the day I am completely ,100% satisfied with a dish is unlikely to ever occur and if someone chooses to use one of my recipes I would be flattered.
    I also believe that, with the possible exception of some of the cutting edge molecular dishes,someone,somewhere and at some time will have also "created"the same dish.I am constantly amazed after reading through old cook books how many wild and wacky recipes you can find-hence how do you claim intellectual property when in all likelihood it has been done before.
    I also am acutely aware through my job that Chefs are much more likely to become bored and frustrated with their employers when they are not learning and given the opportunity to contribute.Doing 80 hours a week is much less onerous when you feel valued.

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    How many recipes/ideas/styles are you be exposed to each day? It should go both ways.

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    In general I would not expect compensation for recipes until you are the Chef or an Executive Chef. Even then there are only certain circumstances where this would apply and it's rarely going to be direct compensation for a recipe. This is something that you want to discuss with your employer as you talk about compensation. If you are required to create recipes, SOP manuals etc this should have an impact on your salary. The most difficult situation where this seems to come up is when a move is made to a position where you are the Chef or you help some one start a business that is using only your recipes or a signature dish. Things take off but the working relationship sours between owner/investor and Chef.
    Contributing to a recipe is not something that I've ever seen direct compensation for. If you are performing well and not feeling the love ask for a raise.
    Beyond that perform your best and contribute all you can on the way up.
    It will pay off in the future.
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    To whoever want to listen.

    Without enoough love and understanding noone can make it better then yourself.
    And if they can, then they will surely tweak and make it their own.

    Someone said once, creativity is not copying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    To whoever want to listen.

    OTOH, that's not how I pay my bills. As someone who has never worked a line, I find this thread really interesting.
    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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    Like this post...

    I like the way you answered that JohnyC. I think the same way...

    You want to work in an environment that fosters growth, cooperation and improvement... If you share, you strive, improve and round and round it goes. A virtuous cycle so to speak.

    Thats the way it should work anyway but someone needs to get the ball rolling at some point.

    Regards to all

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    Sharing is caring. If the public doesn't eat my food who will? My wife isn't adventurous enough to eat a fraction of the stuff I've come up with.
    If you're in this industry for compensation...... might want to think of a different career.
    Hope this doesn't sound too douchey.
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    I agree chefs and cooks who won't share recipes are insecure. I can tell you that I have never withheld a recipe from someone who asked but I also don't think I've given any away. I also haven't expected monetary compensation for a recipe either.

    I look at it as others have said my next batch is better than this one. I feel the exchange of information and education if far more important than what goes into a particular dish. I've been fortunate enough in my career to work with chefs that are open with things like that and always worked in environments that foster growth and development. If you figure out how to make it better home for you I've probably already moved on to new ideas and dishes. Plus as was stated you still probably can't execute it and present it like me.

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