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Thread: Red brick 1k

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    Yeh the Gesshin 1K at JKI is out of stock.At 150.00 it is still a good deal for those who like large stones.If it is on par wt. my other Gesshins,I really like that line of soakers.A big brick takes forever to wear out & they are fun to sharpen on.

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    more are on the way at present

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    I appreciate it Jon and I've heard nothing but great things from your line of stones. But for me at $150 plus about $50 shipping up here by the size and weight of that thing that a lot of money. Yes you're getting a lot of stone but that's more than I'm willing to spend at this time in my early sparpending career

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicv View Post
    ok he has three left so not much of a group buy but if anyones interested let me know or email Kevin

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