Buckeye Burl - New Stabilized Blocks
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Thread: Buckeye Burl - New Stabilized Blocks

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    Buckeye Burl - New Stabilized Blocks

    I just added some more stabilized Buckeye Burl blocks to our web store.
    There are a few short pieces that could be used for ferrule, 1/2 handles or spacer material.
    These were professionally stabilized by K&G.

    Click on the photo to go to the store.

    Mark Farley / It's a Burl
    Phone 541-592-5071, Email burlsource@gmail.com
    Visit our web store

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    i could literally feel the temptation in my finger... and i am glad that i can't find my favourite piece in the shop!

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    Mark, the buckeye just arrived and it looks awesome--couldn't have picked a better piece myself BTW, the blackwood is much nicer than I could've imagined as well!

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