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Thread: A couple of firsts! Calling all razor nuts!

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    I'd love to try it out, if there's room!

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    If there is a pass around by any chance I'd like to try that blade.

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    And that will do it! List closed.

    tk59 and mainaman last ones in. I will need you guys to PM me your mailing info. There are a few members of Banger and Blade wanting to give it a run as well.

    Final comments...
    As part of the pass around, I am kindly asking for your feed back. Whatever it is. This is far from perfect, but I need input. May as well get it now. Will razors become a permanent offering? I don't know yet. Maybe the odd piece here and there for sale...

    Now then. IT IS A RAZOR, just in case someone missed that and think its a knife.

    As such, it will goto someone who knows how to sharpen it before it begins its trip. The journey will begin in Florida, with Rick, aka Pensacola Tiger. From there I will figure out its route. I am asking you ship it insured, and tracked.

    I will place the list in the box, with the addresses of each member on the list. When you receive it, just cross your name off the list. Easy-peasy.

    If you have the knowledge/ability to hone/sharpen, I ask you do so before you ship it out to the next person. If you cannot, no worries, just sterilize it with barbercide, or a good scrub with rubbing alcohol, and leave a little note in the box explaining to the next person it is not shave ready.

    You have 2 weeks with the razor. Then it is out the door! On to the next person.

    I think that covers it, if I missed anything let me know.

    And thank you for helping me out!


    Feel free to visit my website,

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    Looking forward to trying it, Pierre!

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    A couple white light pics...

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    Nice razor Pierre

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    It looks great for a first attempt or for a tenth, classic shape with just enough little touches to make it look modern. The extra length on the tail, the little bump on the tang, the scale work beautiful. I think that the point of tapering the tail is not for security while shaving, most control comes from the index and thumb on the tang, but to make it more secure when opened 180 for stripping and such, I could be wrong that's just an assumption but it makes sense to me.

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    AND! There is a hamon line. Did a little etch in FC before boxing it up, and sure-nuf! Not a lot of activity, but I didn't use clay. Just interrupted/suspended the quench.

    Also for those interested, this I made, and it will be going to a very good friend, who has given, expecting nothing in return.

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    Classy work. Classy move.

    Take a look around at:

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    How did you do a hollow without a wheel? Looks great.

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