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    grinder died...

    I first have to apologize to everyone waiting for knives, will be put about a week behind as my speed control(vfd) fried on my grinder. I will be ordering a new one today, but will have to wait for shipping and figuring out how to wire it. I ended up having to finish the tang of a knife with a angle grinder and a 1x42....not ideal lol.

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    i remember burning mine up a few years ago (it was an open model) got a nema 4 this time and should be good to go for a long time. nice thing for me is that there is a place i can get them 30min form me so i jsut drove over and picked one up (thinking about getting a 2nd one for the bridgeport and to have on hand as a back up if need be

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    I ordered a Nema 4x this morning, so hoping to have the grinder up and running by the end of the week...Kinda left me high and dry not having it lol.

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    i bet your wife is happy you will be spending a bit more time inside the house!

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    She works for a privately owned accounting firm. When she is on maternity leave, she does not get paid, so while she is off, it is my duty to make as much as possible to support our bills and feed our children. She is ok with me being outside

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    Mike, it's time for you to finish your 3x132.

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    I bought the steel for it last week, gave the plans to my neighbor yesterday( killer fab guy) so i could get this rolling. It is time....

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    Finally got the new vfd installed yesterday, back in business!! I will be busting mu butt over the course of the next few weeks to get everything out the door.

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