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Thread: experience at Korin NYC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chifunda View Post
    I've dealt with them only once via an internet order. Service was absolutely first rate.
    My experience as well, but it was several years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matteopotenza View Post
    i also feel some of the knowledge they share (or lack thereof) relating to the care of japanese knives, and purchasing advice for novice cooks is either out-dated or simply innaccurate.
    Don't take this the wrong way, but...if you're a "novice", how can you be so sure that their information is "innaccurate" & "out-dated"? What do you base that conclusion on?

    Single bevel traditional Japanese knives have changed very little over the course of their evolution; consequently, information regarding the care & use of such knives is not going to be radically different from what you find a year or even 50 years ago.

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    All I am going to say is that I have nothing but good to say about Korin, the people of Korin, the products I've received, and service.

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    I like korin because they share fun info with us at KKF Never bought anything from them, but as the AD continues Im sure I will

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    All of my dealings with Korin have been great.Sales staff were great to deal with on a "phone" order too.

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    this is awesome actually, everyone's feedback has been so positive. perhaps i just experienced a couple of small quirks, and this has been very encouraging in me continuing to do business with Korin. thank you everyone for your input!

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    Hello hello,
    My name is Mari, I'm on KKF on behalf of Korin. I'm very sorry you had such a poor experience with us. May I ask you to PM me your name and either your email address or invoice number, so I can assist you further?

    To confirm a few things that several forum members have already mentioned regarding the saya covers. Because each Japanese knife is handmade, it is impossible to ship a customer a cover that will for sure fit their knife. Even knives within the same brand will not fit a cover in a different box in the same style. In fact, at one point we tried to weigh each style for online customers, but we couldn't due to how vastly different each piece was. The best we can really do to ensure satisfaction is for customer to bring in their knife and for us to try to fit it in stores. With that being said, the saya covers are also handmade by a vendor. (I believe there are really only a few places in Japan that still make these saya covers.) Even the general saya covers we carry won't always fit a brand we carry. Sometimes we have to try a few covers and shave it down before one fits. In your case specifically too, Korin doesn't typically carry left handed Japanese style knife covers, which means we would have to import it without knowing if it will fit your knife. The reason we don't accept refunds on saya covers is because there is no way for us to make sure it hasn't been used. This wouldn't be too much of a problem for certain products, but because it is made out of wood and it is going to be used in the kitchen, it would be unsanitary for us to resell. I apologize that whoever spoke to you was unable to clearly explain this bit to you.

    I'm actually in Japan right now without much access to the office, so I can't help you directly immediately, but I will have someone in NY contact you directly in hopes we can resolve any issues or by the very least make sure this sort of thing never happens again.

    Again, I'm really sorry you had such a poor experience and I really hope I can change your opinion of us. Please let me know if you have any further questions, comments or concerns. I'll be more than happy to help.

    - Thanks!

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